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This resource is meant to help heal racism by building bridges of understanding between non-Native and Native American youth. It began in 2014, when a radio host asked if my Native Celebrations photographs might be contributing to popular stereotypes. I suddenly saw that wasn’t the whole picture. To learn more about what everyday life is like for Native people on reservations, I listened as Native families in South Dakota and Montana shared difficult stories.


  • Photographs by noted photographer Sue Reynolds that present aspects of Native American history, traditions, and contemporary life.
  • Poems by acclaimed Native American poet Victor Charlo that evoke Native beliefs and the hardships of living in two worlds.
  • Background Information that explains and gives context to the photographs and poems.
  • Interpretation Methods that encourage students to view and respond to the photographs and poems while engaged in careful observation, critical thinking, and building vocabulary to form opinions and responses.
  • Discussion Questions that examine themes and ideas presented in the photographs and poems as well as situations common to all students with sources by topic for research assignments.
  • Ideas for class discussion, writing, research, school and community involvement.
  • Sites, Readings and Videos is a comprehensive list of external websites, videos, and readings.




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